Saturday, January 26, 2008

my new job

i'd never knew that there's such a job like this one.
since all i've ever heard from everybody around me,
a 'job' is usually define as an activity which most people dislike,
but they do it anyway due to the need of the income.

i think i discover a new phrase to define what a 'job' is.
but first let me explain with a brief chronology...

commencing Dec 3, 2007,
i'm working for Panduit Corporation -
as an Account Manager, Electrical Group for Indonesia.
which means...
i'm responsible for Panduit Electrical business in this country.

on my 1st day at this JOB, Panduit invited me to Singapore
for induction training from Dec 2 - Dec 5.
hm... not bad for a start...

Then i found out that the Jakarta rep. office
is located at Sampoerna Strategic Square,
a very great office building, very luxurious,
and very really trully strategic from almost anywhere
of my daily route

For facilities...
Panduit also provide me a mobile phone and a laptop,
it's a lenovo thinkpad T61 full spec. (quite good...)
they also provide a monthly communication allowance
and a monthly transport allowance
with the amount of most junior manager monthly salary in indonesia.
(it's a WOW ! again for me...)

but for me, the crazy thing is...
they provide me a home broadband internet,
covered the installation cost up to USD 100,
and also covered the monthly cost up to USD 50.
so basically it's a free internet at home :)

and the irony is...
with all of those benefit,
i'm able to work from home !
(this one is definitely WOW !)

very nice JOB position,
very nice Office (the location, the luxury, and nice room of course...)
very nice laptop :P (i've never use laptop on a daily basis before)
very nice monthly communication and transport allowance,
very nice free home internet c/w wi-fi
barely working from home...
a very NICE salary (of course)

btw one more thing...
if everything's OK,
i will go to Mexico on feb 10 - feb 15
just waiting for US Visa now.
(wish me luck)

conclusion :
alhamdullilah i actually can live only from the transport allowance :)
but as a person who are willing to explore the human potential,
this situation is not too good, coz it's a very HUGE comfort zone !
remember "the enemy of a great life is a good life"
it means, as long as i didn't define my life as a great life,
everything will be fine.
coz i still need to learn more,
i still need to grow more,
i still need to explore more,
i still need to absorb more,
i still need to be 'hungry' !

so back to the topic,
the new definition of 'job' is...
'an activity we need to do on a daily basis,
which we should learn to really like it (we don't have to love it)
so we could have a passion to do it,
and it give back lots of rewards to us'

one thing for sure is...
we have an option in this life...
we DO have an option...
we ALWAYS have an option...
the question is,
do you have a courage to take the option ?
are you willing to take the risk of the option?
do you want to pay the price of the option?

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

what's on 2007

2007 ?
lets begin...

got the commission for the dec 2006 project.
(please find previous post)
wow !, money... money... money
then surprisingly...
i've got a new job offer from PT. Multi Tarex Mulia.
they're not in architectural lighting business,
they're an electrical and instrumentation supplier for Oil and Gas Industry.
(what the heck are those ?)
i actually don't know anything about this field
but since the salary is better, i took the opportunity.
so january 31st 2007 became my last day for PT. Karsatama.

1st of february 2007 is my first day at my new company.
dunno anything and anyone about this business,
so i learn a new thing once again in my life.
and you know what...
on the 2nd of february, jakarta was heavily flooded.
phew... what a start !


24th of march is always special,
it is my hun's b'day.

i'm pursuiting my 1st potential PO in PT. Multi Tarex.
the end user for this project is PT. Perusahaan Gas Negara,
with PT. Nippon Steel Corporation as the main contractor,
and PT. Rekayasa Industri as the sub contractor and also the buyer.
It's the SSWJ1-CP5 project.
I'm going for the instrument junction box package.

7th of may, is my birthday. hehehe
i've got my first PO for this company.
yup... i've got the project i mentioned above,
valued around USD 35,000.
not bad for a rookie.
i'm beginning to understand the business,
although there are still lots of things to learn.

i've got another potential costumer, premier oil.
feels fantastic,
pursuiting another potential electrical and instrument package.

got my 2nd PO for PT. Multi Tarex,
it's from Premier Oil.
i'm starting to love this job.

on 17th, it's indonesia's independence day.
now indonesia is 62 years old.
and it's obvious that we cannot rely on goverment.
so let's do something ourself for our life.
i also got an interview by a head hunter for PT. Panduit.

my hunbun resign from HSBC due to something. :D
she's now becoming unemployed but quite rich
(the compensation is good enough)
i'm still pursuiting my next project,
PT. Rekayasa Industri and Premier Oil became my main account.
meanwhile PT. Pandut starting to have an intrest in me,
and so do i.

Got quite big PO from Premier Oil (worth around USD 50,000)
at the same time, Panduit make an offer i can't refuse.
it's a multipliers from my Multi Tarex salary.

2nd of november, i sign a contract agreement with Panduit.
stating that commencing Dec 3rd 2007, i will be working for them.
and on mid november,
Panduit inform me that there will be an induction training in S'pore.
meanwhile on 3rd weeks of november,
i got my 'elephant' project for Multi Tarex.
it's from Premier Oil (worth around USD 100,000)
not bad, and it's my resignation gift for the company i worked for.
November 30th 2007 became my last day for PT. Multi Tarex Mulia

december (a bit detail)
since now i'm beginning to have money (alhamdulillah)
i'm thinking of having a healthier life,
so hopefully i can life longer to enjoy the money :D
that's why i start to eat & drinks healthy f & B,
more exercise, and i quit smoking !
wow... that easy.

Dec 2 - 5
i went to s'pore for Panduit's induction training.
this company ( is really amazing.

Dec 7 - 9
i'm attending the network21 leadership seminar
with peter cox.
that was fantastically amazing event !

monday Dec 10
my first official day at new job (Panduit Indonesia).

friday Dec 14

goes to jogja, my friend Prast is married.
hunbun and i went there using a bisnis class train.
our meeting point is starbucks coffee @ jl. thamrin,
from there we use bajaj to senen train station,
bought 2 tickets through 'calo' and then board to the train.
spent the night on train...
hmmm... can't forget the smell of iron inside the train :D

saturday Dec 15

arrived @ jogja around 5.00 am, picked up by dr. Boni (my coz)
and go straight to his house at babarsari area.
from here hunbun and i went to my home @ seturan
using dr. B's motorcycle and then go back to babarsari due to
dr. B's dad want to take us to lunch.
We went to lunch at ... (i don't know the name of the resto) :P
but it's quite special due to shark satay and shark soup on the menu !
and you know what...
shark is very delicious, the meat is so smooth.
at night, we went to Prast's wedding (what a journey man !),
and then hunbun an i stayed on dr. B's home.
wow... dr.B's dad invite hunbun and i personally to stay at his home.
what a very positive progress for our relationship.

sunday Dec 16
had breakfast at dr.B's home, quite big one :)
then i borrow dr.B's car to drive around jogja with my hunbun.
something's change and some remains the same in jogja.
at 3.30 p.m we went back to babarsari, starts packing, etc.
at 4.00 p.m, we went to adisucipto airport.
it rains quite heavily.
(even jogja cries when we went back to jakarta) :P
our flight delayed for about 1 hour.
so hunbun and i spent more time at the airport.

dec 31
click on for details.

wow... !
for me december is the best month of 2007 !

as conclusions...
2007 is a fantastic year !
3 company in 2 years ?
you tell me.
next year... i'm planning to marry my hunnybunny.
i thank God every single second for the blessing i have in my life.

can't wait to achieve my next goal for 2008...