Saturday, January 26, 2008

my new job

i'd never knew that there's such a job like this one.
since all i've ever heard from everybody around me,
a 'job' is usually define as an activity which most people dislike,
but they do it anyway due to the need of the income.

i think i discover a new phrase to define what a 'job' is.
but first let me explain with a brief chronology...

commencing Dec 3, 2007,
i'm working for Panduit Corporation -
as an Account Manager, Electrical Group for Indonesia.
which means...
i'm responsible for Panduit Electrical business in this country.

on my 1st day at this JOB, Panduit invited me to Singapore
for induction training from Dec 2 - Dec 5.
hm... not bad for a start...

Then i found out that the Jakarta rep. office
is located at Sampoerna Strategic Square,
a very great office building, very luxurious,
and very really trully strategic from almost anywhere
of my daily route

For facilities...
Panduit also provide me a mobile phone and a laptop,
it's a lenovo thinkpad T61 full spec. (quite good...)
they also provide a monthly communication allowance
and a monthly transport allowance
with the amount of most junior manager monthly salary in indonesia.
(it's a WOW ! again for me...)

but for me, the crazy thing is...
they provide me a home broadband internet,
covered the installation cost up to USD 100,
and also covered the monthly cost up to USD 50.
so basically it's a free internet at home :)

and the irony is...
with all of those benefit,
i'm able to work from home !
(this one is definitely WOW !)

very nice JOB position,
very nice Office (the location, the luxury, and nice room of course...)
very nice laptop :P (i've never use laptop on a daily basis before)
very nice monthly communication and transport allowance,
very nice free home internet c/w wi-fi
barely working from home...
a very NICE salary (of course)

btw one more thing...
if everything's OK,
i will go to Mexico on feb 10 - feb 15
just waiting for US Visa now.
(wish me luck)

conclusion :
alhamdullilah i actually can live only from the transport allowance :)
but as a person who are willing to explore the human potential,
this situation is not too good, coz it's a very HUGE comfort zone !
remember "the enemy of a great life is a good life"
it means, as long as i didn't define my life as a great life,
everything will be fine.
coz i still need to learn more,
i still need to grow more,
i still need to explore more,
i still need to absorb more,
i still need to be 'hungry' !

so back to the topic,
the new definition of 'job' is...
'an activity we need to do on a daily basis,
which we should learn to really like it (we don't have to love it)
so we could have a passion to do it,
and it give back lots of rewards to us'

one thing for sure is...
we have an option in this life...
we DO have an option...
we ALWAYS have an option...
the question is,
do you have a courage to take the option ?
are you willing to take the risk of the option?
do you want to pay the price of the option?


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