Wednesday, July 21, 2010

i love this life :)

i dunno where to start

let's rewind back to 2005...

in 2005, this is what my life looks like :
i lived in jogja,
a college students whom still try to finished the architectural bachelor degree,
don't have a regular income but very good at spending money :),
lived in a luxurious parent's house - functioned as a basecamp with 2 housemaid,
drive a car but mostly cannot afford full tank gasoline,
often went to bude's house for free meal :),
have a pentium 4 PC in my room with dial up internet connection
(still remember the sound when the modem dial to telkomnet instan :P),
i use Panasonic GD92 mobile phone with pre-paid number (ngirit abis deh !),
but most importantly, i have a huge dreams and a lovely girlfriend :)

life begins !

i graduated (after 9 years of college)
move to jakarta,
find a job (quite interesting process though :D),
starting to have regular income (it looks good at that time :D),
lived in an OK parent's house in jakarta (very strategic location),
drive a car and starting to afford full tank gasoline (sometimes),
less free meal,
don't have own computer,
using 'family' computer with (still) dial up internet connection,
still using Panasonic GD92 (can't afford new one at that time),
with pre-paid number (still quite 'ngirit') :P,
but still...
i have a huge dreams and very lovely girlfriend :D

and now...
around 5 years later,
i still lived in jakarta,
i'm the country head of an american manufacturing company,
with the salary almost matching my age (in million rupiahs),
still very good at spending money but prefer to invest it :),
lived in a small yet cozy 'kontrakan' in a very strategic location
(i can afford to buy own house in serpong area,
but choose the kontrakan for a 'practical reason')
drive car and always buy fulltank when it's time to fill the gasoline :)
eat decent meal almost all the time,
i use Lenovo T61 laptop (this is my 3rd year using it)
with the Wi-Fi internet connection at home :)
i'm using iPhone 3G[S] with post paid number :)
and still i have a huge dreams, but no girlfriend anymore,
coz the lovely girlfriend has become my lovely wife,
and oh...
i have a baby boy now :)
yes right... i'm a daddy now :D

one thing for sure...
i know the future is bright, as long as we fight for it !
coz i already fought for the last 5 years to have the life i live now,
i also know that there will be much more ups and downs,
and i need to learn more, read more, action more...
and yes of course money helps...
it helps a lot !
but again... money it's not everything...
'our way of thinking' is much more important !

i'm extremely grateful for this life...
Alhamdulillah... Thank God,
You gave so much to me, and i'll do my best to give back to You...

the conclusion...
have a huge dreams, and have a lovely girlfriend !
that's the secret of my life :)