Thursday, September 25, 2008

some irony in life

life is always full of surprise,
i remember exactly that there's one day in 2005
when i had to borrow IDR 10,000 from my hunnybunny
to buy a petrol for my car...
and at that amount, i only get 2.22 liter...

the paragraph written above,
actually enough to explains my financial situation at that time.
i'm still grateful for what i have at that time though,
i mean...
thank god i still drive a car, i still can eat,
and most important thing is i still have someone who love me,
and i still have my health.
but financially...
i'm so inadequate.

and then after struggling for at least 1 - 2 years,
now i'm starting to have a good life.
and sometimes i feel this is a bit irony.
how come ?

last week...
i went to dinner with my dad and his wife,
we went to Thai Restaurant near Ratu Plaza,
i took them there just because my dad wants to go there,
and since now thank god i can afford decent meal,
i took them there.
the place was nice, the food was also very nice,
but the price...
hmm... actually i'm not yet familiar with the price range,
it's obviously too high for my previous/regular standard :)

amazing things happened...
the person who sat on the table beside me
is the boss of one of my Panduit partner.
we chit-chat a bit,
and later on...
i'm so thrilled when i check for my bill,
he already paid all of my bill...

man... this is ackward,
i mean...
i never experienced such things in my life before,
of course this situation automatically edifiy me in front of my dad.
but still, feels ackward to me

on the way home,
my dad reminds me to thank god for the blessing in my life.
and once again i'm totally grateful for what i have in my life.
(thanks for the reminder dad...)

and then i'm started to think...
when we didn't have the money,
we cannot afford to buy things we want or even need,
but when we starting to have the money,
sometimes we don't have to use the money
to buy things we want / need.

referring to 1st paragraph,
i had to borrow money from my hunnybunny to buy a petrol,
now when i'm starting to have money and i can afford to buy petrol,
my company covered my petrol so i don't need to use my money
to buy petrol.
so basically we can say it's a free petrol for my car now.

it's also happened on many other things in me,
such as...
communication, meal (lunch / dinner), and even my car maintenance.
once again... how come?

sometimes i eat lunch / dinner for free,
since my company covered some entertainment meals when required,
or somebody else paid the bill for me (like the example above).
my mobile monthly billing is totally covered by the company,
and they also provide transportation allowance
which i can use as a maintenance fund for my car,
they even covered my internet bill at home.

so now we can say
i have free petrol, free communication, free home internet,
sometimes free lunch / dinner,
and even free rebuild / refurnished my lovely car step by step.
it's all for free, even though now i can afford all those things myself.

isn't these an irony ?
actually it's not (totally) free,
since i work for them,
so it's just a facility provided by the company to me,
beside my monthly salary.

"what a good life..."

Remember : the enemy of a great life is a good life.

for me it is an irony,
but perhaps life is full of irony,
who knows?

considering my situation,
actually i personally think that this is just the beginning,
because i still expecting more greatness to be happened in my life.
because i want my life to be significance to others.
and because once i heard :

"success is when you can bring value to yourself,
significance is when you can bring value to others..."
- nancy dornan -

always expect the best in life, and prepare for the worst.

- peace -


Blogger alencantiek said...

that's quite a long story board u got there huny.. one thing for sure, it was so nice to be apart of your irony and it's still goes on for now and always..

much love..

3:27 AM  

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