Wednesday, January 04, 2006

jakarta, i'm back... !

after 12 years leaving jakarta,
now i live in this megapolitan city again
and i think the hardest thing for me
is in terms of 'adaptation'

what's that suppose to mean ?

in the last 9 years in jogja,
i live by myself...
i mean there's no parents, nor sister,

only friends and relatives...
so basically, i'm free...

but for the last 2 months,
consider i'm staying with my family (again),
of course there's a slight different opinion among us
some of which are good, some of which are not good
depends from each person's point of view...

and each person has different way to handle things,
and boy... it stresses me a lot in the beginning...

thank i god i have "someone special" beside me
and 'she' always reminds me
about how good i really am in dealing with people,
only this time, the 'people' involved here is my family,
so there's always emotional factor involved

in the way i look at those things....

and once again, i've realized that i really2 need
that "someone special" to be there beside me
and i will always love her...

- peace -

there's also several strange things i found in jakarta...
for example in this picture, do you find somehing unusual ?