Saturday, May 03, 2008

life after voltus-v

after voltus-v, life isn't much intresting anymore
hehehe... just kidding !

after voltus-v,
there are job training in Shanghai - China,
attended Network 21 Leadership Seminar,
Got Indovision Installed at my home,
spend around IDR 1 million on 1 day on a meal
(for lunch-with family and dinner-with hunnybunny),
what a life improvement !

and... i love my life even more
due to i'm starting to have and feel a balance in my life,
in this level of comfort zone.

if i still want to improve my quality of life,
i need to get out of this comfort zone,
being imbalance again, to achieve my next goal !
bye-bye comfort zone...
let's work smartly harder !


Blogger alencantiek said...

i don't really think that u are in the level of comfort zone though.. but yeah you can may say so.. but i do agree that you have to be imbalance again, to be balance again..

happy birthday hunyku..

12:31 AM  

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