Tuesday, March 13, 2007

2006 resume

what a year...

i've got a new job at an architectural lighting company
dunno what is what, which is which, who's who, etc...
a bit confused (a lot perhaps)
but i kept go on, coz i needed the money hehehe...

time to give present to my hunnybunny,
this time (since i got no money) just the 'samson' album
packed in a pink paper with ribbons on them

we were attending the leadership seminar n21
this is the first time we went there both and in full session
with jim-nancy dornan and mitch-deidree sala as a guest speakers
it was fantastic moment...
my hunnybunny's birthday at 24th

i went to jogja for work, visiting my grandma who had stroke
and i don't remember anything happenned at this month anymore

my birthday at 7th, nothin' special (since i don't have much money)
got my 1st project in somerset berlian apartement - permata hijau,
not bad for beginning,
coz i got the landscape and exterior lighting package
for that project...
estimated project value : 500 million rupiahs
(money... money... money...)

really2 enjoy the work...
got salary raised.
and my financial life was getting intresting

2nd leadership seminar with my hunnybunny at the end of july
guests speaker from hungary enico goncz

Independence day at 17th
didn't remember anything more special...
sorry :(

...hmm nothin's special i guess...

28th october, Sumpah Pemuda
and nothin' else matters...


this one's also...

another leadership seminar with my hunnybunny
guest speaker doug wead !
this one is unforgettable moment
and also...
i've got my 'elephant' project
penerangan jalan umum kab. musi-banyuasin,
sumatera selatan
estimated project value 2,5 billion rupiahs
(more money... money... money...)
and i've been promoted as a sales and marketing manager...

in the end,
2006 was a fantastic year,
there's up and down,
joy, happiness, and also sadness,
and as i told you hun,
someday we are gonna be so rich until we are sick of our richness
- amen :D-
so, this is not even begin hun...
- i love you -